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The Cleanup Doctors are the premier company for professional water damage restoration and mold remediation services, as well as all of your property restoration and catastrophe cleanup needs.  We work with only the top-rated professional flood restoration and mold removal technicians in the business. Our partners understand how catastrophic a flooded basement or black mold contamination can be for you and your family. This is why it is crucial that you don’t delay and get The Cleanup Doctors involved immediately.

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The Common Causes of Water Damage

More often than not, a faulty appliance is to blame. It could be an overflowing toilet, dishwasher, or washing machine. Perhaps a malfunctioning sump pump led to a flooded basement. Other times, it could be the event of a storm or backed up sewage system. Whatever the cause may be, our network of water damage restoration professionals are here to help.

Why Call The Cleanup Doctors for Flood Damage Repair?

  • We handle all water restoration work - Commercial or residential, no job is too big for us!
  • Our reputation for excellence - We respond quickly and get the job done efficiently.
  • We help you with your insurance claims - It can be stressful to have to deal with your insurance company. Let us guide you and give you the advice you need so the claim gets settled quickly.
  • We handle all types of property restoration - From water damage restoration and fire or smoke damage repair, to mold remediation and removal. We are here to tackle your contamination issues head on.
  • We use only the best equipment - We have access to the most advanced and up-to-date water extraction, structural drying and dehumidification equipment in the market today.

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When disaster strikes, it’s important to know who to call for your property clean-up needs. Water damage restoration companies are a dime a dozen, and many will not hesitate to rip off the customer. The Cleanup Doctors take pride in being transparent through the entire remediation process in order to build a trusting relationship. We walk you through the entire restoration procedure step-by-step so you know exactly what to expect.

Time is of the essence when a water damage event occurs. Delaying your response will only result in more damage occurring to your home. Not only that, but the costs to remediate and clean up the mess will escalate dramatically. The worst part about procrastinating after flood damage takes place is the potential for mold growth to proliferate.

It is highly likely that dangerous black mold will show up when you have water in your home. Over time, mold growth can penetrate building materials. That means they will have to be torn out and replaced, which can make mold remediation very costly. Add to that the fact that mold spores can be extremely dangerous to your health, and it’s clear that you need to take action immediately.

Water damage restoration often includes some sort of protocol to deal with mold. This is assessed during the initial inspection. Our experts will examine your home or office in all the hard to reach spaces to see if mold contamination is present. Mold tends to be elusive, hiding behind building materials where it can eat and reproduce without interruption. 

What Steps to Take When Disaster Strikes

1.) Schedule your FREE consultation with The Cleanup Doctors

Call us at 888-638-5058 or fill out the email contact form at the bottom of the page. We will set up a time to give you a FREE water damage and/or mold assessment. Remember, the longer you wait, the worse the situation becomes.

2.) Take precautions

Make sure you stay away from stagnant water, and turn off all electrical outlets that may be exposed to water. Move your family to a safe location if there is mold present. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way.

3.) Document the damage

If possible, take as many pictures of you can of the water damage and mold contamination. This helps the water restoration company assess the extent of the damage, as water may have receded by the time they get there. The more information you give them, as well as to your insurance company, the better informed they are. This results in a much smoother remediation process, saving you money and headaches.

4.) Call your homeowner’s insurance company

Contact your insurer and let them know you’ve experienced a flooding event in your home. Inform them you’ve chosen The Cleanup Doctors to handle the mold remediation and water restoration work, as well as when the appointment is. Let them know you’ve taken pictures of the disaster area.

5.) Let us do our thing

Once you’ve gotten one of our expert water damage technicians involved, it’s time to sit back and relax. We will be extracting the water and eradicating the mold so you can get back to a normal life, just like the thousands of customers before you!

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