Water Damage Restoration Services

Have you recently experienced water damage to your home or business as the result of a storm flood, faulty appliance, overflowing toilet, broken pipe, or roof leak? More than likely, you’ve been searching for a reputable company to handle the water extraction and cleanup work but you’re coming up short.

Well, The Cleanup Doctors have the solutions that you’re looking for. We handle all types of water damage restoration and cleaning services.

It is almost a guarantee that at some point throughout the years, a homeowner will experience some sort of flooding event. It is almost as certain as death and taxes. Knowing how to respond and who to call for water damage restoration is of the greatest importance.

You not only save time, but also money when you act quickly. Having access to The Cleanup Doctors will be your ammunition in dealing with restoring your property back to normal conditions.

Getting your property back to a pre-loss condition is our number one concern. This is how we’ve come to be such a respected and trustworthy water damage restoration company. There are cases where the homeowner attempts to clean up the water, but in the case of a sewage leak or backed up toilet, it’s best to contact a licensed professional. Black water, which is considered highly toxic, should always be extracted by a certified restoration company.

It is also vital that you call in a flood damage professional when you see that water damage has occurred near electrical outlets or any other appliance that could cause electric shock or even death. It’s worth pointing out why cleaning up the water is a time sensitive event.

Mold and biological contaminants can begin to grow in the stagnant water, making the remediation process all the more difficult and expensive. Not only can mold exposure lead to severe long-term health problems, it can also cause permanent structural damage. This is because compromised building material will have to be torn out, removed, and then replaced.

Before any flood damage restoration work is performed, the source of the water needs to located and fixed. Any actions taken before this step would be pointless. The most common causes of water damage are an overflowing toilet, faulty appliances, broken pipes, roof leaks, and mother nature. In most cases, it is a matter of repairing or replacing the appliance. Until the moisture issue is fixed, there is no advancing to the water damage remediation stages.

The first step to effective water damage restoration is the water extraction process. This is where we utilize our high power pumps and heavy-duty vacuums to suck up the dirty water. The process also involves us moving all personal items as well as furniture to a dry location. If items can be salvaged, they will be. If not, they will be discarded and hauled away.

Once the water is properly extracted, we move on to the structural drying stage. The building materials will have to be dried at this point. Not all structural materials will be able to be saved due to having permanent damage from the water. Several different tools will be used to identify deep pockets of water intrusion.

Some demolition work may have to be performed during the water damage restoration process. Some companies perform this task themselves, but many will contract it out. This is obviously not an overnight process. It is a major inconvenience to the home dwellers, so that is why we do our best to work as fast as possible while still doing great work.

The Cleanup Doctors are a water damage remediation lead resource that partners with only the top-rated and certified property restoration contractors. This allows us to be able to commit to the highest quality water damage restoration service.

The way we exceed our customer’s expectations is by using only the best technology employed by the most well-trained technicians. Our partners create customized flood remediation plans that fit your unique situation, rather than using a one-size fits all approach that several water restoration companies attempt to get away with.

We understand the emergency that water damage presents, and therefore we aim to take care of your issue in a urgent manner. This does not mean we sacrifice quality. Being a great service provider means we get the job done quickly while also doing it thoroughly. That means you won’t have to worry about flood damage being a permanent issue. Water damage restoration is already a costly service, so don’t let it get more expensive by delaying action.

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